Fast Picture Viewer

Fast Picture Viewer

FastPictureViewer is a commercial image viewer for Windows Vista and XP. Its aim is to facilitate quick review and rating of large quantities of digital images in the early steps of the digital workflow.

As of v1.0, a version is available cost-free for personal, non-profit or educational uses, while requiring a commercial license for the professional version with additional features.


FastPictureViewer is optimized for full-screen, borderless preview of digital images. It covers a limited number of scenarios, such as for example the initial pre-selection and rating of a relatively small number of images from a large set of potentially thousands. The program has no image editing or image enhancement features and does not create thumbnails, on the other hand it can browse deeply nested folder/subfolder trees quickly and in a simple manner; the user interface is kept to the strict minimum.

According to the publisher the program features full color management, including support for custom-profiled wide-gamut monitors. Image rating is supported, and along with image pre-loading and caching. The program can make use of multi-core CPUs and DirectX hardware acceleration when available and resizes huge images to make them fit in video memory.

New images can be added to the browsed folder(s) and the program catches them on the fly, allowing continued browsing without the need to exit and reload the folder(s), while a tracking mode can automatically displays that last image added to the folder tree, useful when photographing in thetered mode of with a WI-FI enabled camera that transfers images to a computer, so images can be displayed as they are shot. An automatic advance mode (simple slide show) is also provided.

The program supports the Unicode international character set and integrates with the Windows shell. It provides a file copy function that copies (or moves) the image currently displayed to a pre-set folder, by pressing a hotkey. Real-time RGB histogram and EXIF information (shutter speed, F-stop, ISO speed, exposure compensation, ...) can be displayed in floating windows.

An entry-level version of the program is available free of charge for home, non-commercial use. This free version supports the JPEG and Microsoft HD Photo / JPEG-XR image formats and can write Adobe XMP metadata in external sidecar files (*.xmp) or embed it within JPEG (JFIF), HD Photo and TIFF containers. The program is extensible via COM-based plug-ins, whose specifications are available from the software publisher upon request.

In addition to the core functionality of the cost-free version, the commercial version is said to have exclusive features, such as:

  • Support for web and Windows image formats such as PNG, GIF, BMP, and ICO.
  • Support for TIFF and DNG, along with previewing of a number of RAW formats through WIC-enabled codecs from Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus and Sony. The current list of supported RAW formats includes Canon CR2, Nikon NRW, Nikon NEF and Adobe DNG through separately available coder/decoders.


The first public version was released on January 15, 2008.

This Windows program is provided as ~1.5MB digitally signed MSI installation database (with uninstall). Runs natively on Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows XP with Service Pack 3. Windows XP SP2 users must download and install the Windows Imaging Component (WIC) from the Microsoft website in order to run the program on XP SP2. Windows versions prior to XP SP2 are not supported.

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