Fashion (band)

Fashion (band)

Fashion (always spelled "Fashiøn" on their records) were a British New Wave band consisting of Dee Harris, Al 'Luke Sky' James, Alan Darby, Mulligan, Marlon Recchi and Dik Davis.

Formed in Birmingham, England, Fashion originally consisted of John Mulligan, Dik Davis, and Al James, who now resides in the San Francisco Bay area of California. Al James became known as 'Luke Sky', short for 'Luke Skyscraper' a pun on Star Wars and the fact that Al was on the tall and thin side.

Their initial recordings were released as singles on their own Fashion Music label. The first album Product Perfect was recorded and released in 1979.

Their most notable album, Fabrique (1982), saw a significant change in line-up, with James having left the band and Harriss and Marlon Recchi joining. "Fabrique" contained the singles "Move On" and "Love Shadow", among others, it was later re-issued with additional material as Height of Fashion (1990), (2004). Dee Harris left Fashion before the third release, later recording an album with Richard Wright, keyboardist of Pink Floyd, as Zee. De Harris was replaced by Troy Tate and guitarist Al Darby. Tate was subsequently fired, with Darby left to perform leading vocals.

In 1984, Fashion released an album entitled "Twilight Of Idols".

One of Dee Harris' last gigs with Fashion occurred at the Botanical Gardens, Birmingham, England. Later, gigs with the new singer, songwriter, and guitar player Alan Darby took place in Dunsbury, England. According to a web response, Mulligan has recorded material with Nick Beggs of Kajagoogoo.


  • Steady Eddie Steady - (1978)
  • Citinite - (1978)
  • The Innocent - (1978)
  • Silver Blades - (1979)
  • Move On - (1981)
  • You Only Left Your Picture - (1982)
  • Streetplayer (Mechanik) - (1982) UK #46
  • Something In Your Picture - (1982)
  • Love Shadow - (1982) UK #51
  • Eye Talk - (1984) UK #69
  • Dreaming - (1984)
  • You In The Night - (1984) UK #94
  • Eye Talk - (1986) - re-release
  • Something In Your Picture - (1987) - re-release
  • Dressed To Kill - (1987)


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