Farrugia is a family name with a theoretical etymology based in both Latin fellus and Semitic faruj, found in Sicily and Malta. In the Maltese language the word farruġ refers to a cockerel (a young rooster). It has been exported by immigration to places including the United States, United Kingdom (specifically Wales and England), Australia and Canada. Spelling variations of this family name include Farruggia, Farruġa, Ferrugia and Ferruggia.


First found in Sicily an island in the Mediterranean, a part of Italy. The original inhabitants were Sicels. The Greeks colonized in 735 B.C.E. Phoenician settlements began in 6th century. Carthaginians arrived 410. Romans arrived, then the Saracens. Then the Norman Conquest said to be Sicily's brightest hour, 1057 B.C.E.

Early on, individuals with this family name (or some variant) moved to the island of Malta, neighbouring Sicily. Many settlers were recorded from the end of the 19th century in the great migration from Italy to the New World. Usually arriving at Ellis Island they settled in the eastern seaboard.

A Maltese village called Ħal Farruġ, one of the oldest settlements on the island, is so named because of the large concentration of families there with the surname. However due to economic and social growth, many individuals have dispersed to other parts of the country or have emigrated.

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