FaroeJet was an airline based in Vágar Airport on the island of Vágar of Faroe Islands. It was the second airline of Faroe Islands, the other one being Atlantic Airways. The airline ceased all operations on December 15, 2006 because of financial problems.


It was founded by private companies and investors in December 2005. The first flight was carried out on May 15, 2006 with a Avro RJ100 leased from BAE Systems, serving the route between Copenhagen and Vagar. However, in December 2006, the airline declared bankruptcy and ceased business on January 1 2007 .


The airline had one 96-seat Avro RJ100 in one-class configuration which served the route Copenhagen, Denmark - Faroe Islands once daily, except for Saturdays.


As of August 2006 the FaroeJet fleet had :

Type Total Registrations Remarks
Avro RJ100 1 OY-FJE lease transferred to Atlantic Airways


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