Fantome class sloop

Fantome class sloop

The Fantome class was a class of six 4-gun screw composite sloops built for the Royal Navy between 1873 and 1874.


Fantome and her sister ships were constructed of an iron frame sheathed with teak and copper (hence 'composite'), and powered by both sails and a single-screw steam engine developing 1,011 horsepower.


Built at a time of great technological change in naval architecture, these composite sloops were obsolete before they were completed. Nevertheless, they served a useful function on the far-flung stations of the British Empire, including participaton in minor wars, such as the Perak War. They were also used for hydrography, and for this reason Egeria was retained until 1911.


Name Ship Builder Launched Fate
Pembroke Dock 26 March 1873 Sold 1889
Chatham Dockyard 24 July 1873 Scrapped 1889
Blackwall Yard, London 4 February 1874 Sold 1889
Pembroke Dock 1 November 1873 Sold in 1911
Chatham Dockyard 27 November 1873 Sold 1888
Money Wigram & Sons, Blackwall 20 October 1873 Sold 1887


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