Famee Furlane Toronto

Famee Furlane Toronto

The Famèe Furlane is the social and cultural centre for Italians from Friuli, the north-eastern most region of Italy, it provides members of the community with the opportunity to gather together, to develop and strengthen friendships and to partake in various educational, recreational, and cultural activities.

The Famèe Furlane Society was formed in 1932 by early immigrants from Friuli, and in 2007 it hosted a series of events throughout the year in celebration of its 75th anniversary.

The complex is called the Friuli Centre. The Friuli Centre consists of the Famèe Furlane Club with the restaurant al Fogolâr, the new Villa Leonardo Gambin a 168-bed facility located on the campus of Friuli Centre, and the Friuli Terrace which is a nine-story independent seniors' residence.

Famee Furlane Toronto, 7065 Islington Ave. Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 1V9 Tel.: (905) 851-1166; Fax: (905) 851-6863 info@fameefurlane.com

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