Fallstaff, Baltimore

Fallstaff is a neighborhood in the Upper Park Heights area of Northwest Baltimore, Maryland, and is one of the city's northwestern-most communities. The area, which is mostly middle class, is part of the center of Baltimore's Orthodox Jewish community, and also has a heavy African-American and immigrant population.

Fallstaff is home to several Baltimore City Public Schools, including Northwestern High School and Fallstaff Elementary School (formerly Fallstaff Midde School).

The main street that run through the area is Park Heights Avenue. Other streets include Fallstaff Road, on which both schools are located, and Clarks Lane. Fallstaff Road is mostly a residential side street on which duplexes, single-family houses, apartments, and condominiums are located. One block of Fallstaff Road is one way in order to reduce traffic from rat running. On the other hand, Clarks lane, which also is lined with similar types of structures, is two ways throughout and handles more traffic. Clarks Lane starts out across from the Reisterstown Road Plaza (sharing a traffic light with the parking lot) and continues to the city/county line, where it changes name to Sanzo Road, and ends shortly thereafter at Smith Avenue.

2004 Slayings

Fallstaff is generally considered to be a safe, low-crime area. But in May 2004, the murders of three children shook up the community and resulted in ongoing media coverage. Two relatives were charged with the murders, and their first trial resultd in a mistrial. They were convicted in their second trial and received life sentences. The children were buried in their native Mexico.


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