Fakie is, in skateboarding, a synonym for riding backwards on a skateboard. When used in conjunction with a trick name, like "fakie ollie", it means that the trick was performed with a skater's back foot toward the front or, in other words, while riding backwards. The name derives from the trick being a fake nollie. A nollie is more difficult to learn, because a fakie still uses the same muscles as an ollie. This is not the same as switch stance which is when a skater is riding an opposite stance or with the weaker foot forward.

In snowboarding, riding with the weaker foot forward is called riding switch, and tricks done while switch are called fakie tricks. These two are easily confused.

Fakie is also used in BMX, freestyle skating, skiing, and surfing. It is uncommon in surfing, however. In these sports, fakie is when you are riding backwards, and when tricks are done from that position.

Often in sports, to make a trick sound better, people will add "to fakie" at the end of the name if the rider lands fakie. In skateboarding, it is usually only used when riding a half-pipe. In snowboarding, in a park event, landing the other way from natural is landing switch. In a pipe event, It is called landing fakie.

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