The Fajr-3 Artillery Rocket is an Iranian multiple-launch artillery rocket, a third-generation Katyusha rocket. Fajr means 'dawn' in Persian (borrowed from Arabic).

The 5.2-metre long, 240 millimeter-calibre Fajr-3 artillery rocket has an estimated range of 45 kilometres or 25-30 miles, weighs 407 kilograms, and carries a 45-kilogram warhead.


Production started on March 1990 by Shahid Bagheri Industries with possible North Korean assistance when Iranian Defense Minister Akbar Torkan announced that mass production of the Fajr-3 was taking place.

Mass production was completed with the few first Fajr-3s made on November 6, 1996.


Fajr-3 has the same caliber, range and warhead weight as three known North Korean systems. The 333-millimeter Fajr-5 rocket has a range of about 75–80 kilometres.

Some media has reported that Iran has tested a medium range ballistic missile called Fajr-3, but these may have been mistaken references to the Kosar missile.

Its launcher has 12 tubes .


The rockets are used by Iranian Army as a regular artillery. They may also have been supplied to the Hezbollah militia in Lebanon under the name Khaibar-1, They may therefore have been used on a number of occasions in the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict.


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