Faithless (2000 film)

Faithless (2000 film)

Faithless is a Swedish film directed by Liv Ullman from a script by Ingmar Bergman. The Swedish title is Trolösa.

The story is loosely based on experiences of adultery from Bergman's own life.

The film is about an aging director named Bergman, who conjures in his imagination the central character, Marianne. Over a period of days, on his secluded Faro Island refuge in the Baltic Sea, he interviews her to compose the story of her life-changing affair. She had been happily married to Markus, an orchestra conductor, with a young daughter Isabelle. She suddenly falls in love with their best friend David. They have an extended interlude in Paris and then must deal with the ramifications.

The style of the film is very cerebral, abstract, and ambiguous. The main potential audience is viewers familiar with the previous decades of work of Bergman and Ullman, who may appreciate this meditative capstone to their careers and lives together.



Runtime // Argentina:152 min / Colombia:154 min / Denmark:155 min / Peru:152 min / UK:154 min / USA:142 min

  • US DVD 2000, 2002: ISBN 1-59241-015-4 UPC 87797 94509

Rated R for sexual content, some nudity and language. 142 min. In Swedish with English subtitles.

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