Fade to Black (video game)

Fade to Black is a video game released in 1995 by Delphine Software International. It is the sequel to their second previous game Flashback, the first being the ill-fated Shaq-Fu.

The game was released for PC and PlayStation. The PlayStation version was also released as a download for the Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable in Europe on January 31, 2008. It was also to be released on the Nintendo 64 (Ultra 64 at the time) and Sega Saturn.


The main protagonist is Conrad Hart, who, in Flashback destroyed the Morph planet at the consequence of having to go into cryo sleep in a spaceship, floating aimlessly through outer space. He is found by the Morphs and is imprisoned in the Lunar prison of New Alcatraz. There, he meets John O'Connor, who is a mysterious man that helps him escape.

After barely escaping, they teleport to Shadow, which is headquarters of the Mandragore resistance. They meet Sarah Smith, who leads them. Their missions and adventures lead Conrad to Pluto, where he meets the Ancient alien race, who were destroyed by the Morphs. Gaining the assistance of the mysterious Ancients, Conrad must fight off the Morph invasion, not knowing who he can trust.


The game has somwhat different gameplay to Flashback it is in full gouraud shaded 3D for PC and fully textured 3D for the PlayStation. It features an over-the-shoulder viewpoint, with almost no platform sequences. The style of the game is action adventure in a similar style to the later Tomb Raider series, although it bears a more superficial resemblance to the likes of Metal Gear. The game is also notable for the ways where Conrad can get killed, all while showing game over at the same time. He also doesn't have the voice that he had in Flashback, instead being a deep voice. In the death scenes though, his voice is somewhat similar to his Flashback voice.


Fade to Black did not receive such a positive critical response as Flashback, because of its different gameplay, original execution and somewhat clumsy interface (The inventory was cumbersome, and the radar didn't show where Conrad was facing), although the PlayStation version did sell enough copies to go Platinum.

Cancelled sequel

A third game in the series, Flashback Legends, was in development by both Delphine Software International and Adeline Software International for a planned released in 2003, but was cancelled when the company went bankrupt and ceased operations at the end of 2002.


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