Marconi-San Girolamo-Fesca

The Marconi-San Girolamo-Fesca, improperly named simply San Girolamo, is a quarter of Bari, the capital of Apulia. The quarter has about 12,900 residents.


It covers an area of 6.3 km² to the north of the city-centre between Libertà and Palese. The current boundaries of San Girolamo-Marconi-Fesca are :

  • at north with the Adriatic Sea;
  • at west with the strada vicinale Cola di Cagno that it separates itself from Palese-Macchie;
  • at east with the quarter Libertà;
  • at south with the railway road Bari-Foggia that it join itself together Stanic and San Paolo.

Notes and references

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