EyeToy: Kinetic

EyeToy: Kinetic is a exercise program, or exergaming title developed in collaboration with Nike Motionworks. It has been designed to help the player improve their fitness and health using a variety of exercise games. A few of these are demonstrated on GameSpot.

The game includes a wide angle "Full Vision Lens" attachment that fits over the Eye Toy lens. Without it, the player's image on the screen is too large to play this game properly. It is held in a foam insert in the standard memory card holder in the disc case. The lens attachment is not sold separately, so if it is broken or lost then the only recourse is to repurchase the entire game.

The game's sequel is titled EyeToy: Kinetic Combat.


The game contains two personal instructors, Matt and Anna, who guide you throughout the 12 week workout. When you have missed 5 days, you can choose to do the entire workout again. The workout is split into four zones:

  • Cardio Zone: Cardiovascular fitness
  • Combat Zone: Speed, Physical strength and Flexibility
  • Toning Zone: Body Conditioning and exercise
  • Mind & Body Zone: Breathing, posture and relaxtion


  • X-Play gave it a 3/5.

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