Extremism in America

Extremism in America

Extremism in America: A Reader is a book edited by Lyman Tower Sargent (a professor of political science). It is a reader presenting the ideas, platforms and creeds of both left-wing and right-wing American extremists in their own words; it provides their perspective on a range of issues: racial, political, religious, and economic.

It was published by New York University Press in 1995 as a 385-page hardcover (ISBN 0-8147-7978-6) and paperback (ISBN 0-8147-8011-3).


Chapter, Section Text Author Notes
1. Populism : An American Root of Both Left and Right The Good Roads Bill Jacob Coxey
The Non-Interest-Bearing Bond Bill

Collective Ownership Socialist Party
The Populist Party of the United States: Platform, 1984 Populist Party
Here's Where David Duke and the Populist Party Stand on the Issues

2. The Beginnings of the Debate in the Twentieth Century 1936 Platform of the Union Party Father Charles E. Coughlin
1946: For These We Work—Fight—Pray Gerald L. K. Smith
If I Were President

If the Crusader Quits, What Happens?

Is Christian Civilization Menaced? A Fearless Answer

This Is Nationalism

3. Rewriting the Founding Fathers
A New Bill of Rights
If Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Hancock and Mason Were Alive Today Here Is How Our Bill of Rights Would Look Constitutional Revival
A New Declaration of Independence A Declaration and Demand for Redress of Grievances Robert McCurry
4. Communism and Anti-Communism
The American Way to Jobs, Peace, Equal Rights and Democracy Communist Party of America
Industrial Democracy—Complete Democracy Socialist Labor Party
Communique on the Second Congress of the MLP, USA Marxist-Leninist Party
Anti-Communism Political Platform of the Patriotic Party Minutemen
Practical Security Measures

Join the "Minutemen"

Beliefs and Principles of the John Birch Society John Birch Society
Declaration Of Principles Congress of Conservatives
5. Race
Race on the Right

National Socialism
National Socialism George Lincoln Rockwell
National Socialist World View

American Nazi Party Official Stormtrooper's Manual American Nazi Party
What's White Power All About?

Adolf Hitler Was Elijah Social Nationalist Aryan People's Party
American Program American Program
Ku Klux Klan What We Believe United Klans of America, Inc.
Ideals of a Klansman

Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

A Brief History of the Fiery Cross Other Klan Groups
Special Rights for Black Savages?

Aryan Nations This is Aryan Nations Church of Jesus Christ Christian
Twelve Foundation Stones to Establish a State for Our Aryan Racial Nation Aryan Nations
The Aryan Warriors Stand

Aryan Nations Theopolitical Platform

Why What Who Where When Christian Defense League
Other Recent Groups Principles for a New America American Mobilizers
NAAWP National Association for the Advancement of White People
Platform of the National States' Rights Party National States' Rights Party
A Program for Survival William Luther Pierce
The Lesson of Desert Storm

Whiteman's Platform White American Resistance
Race on the Left African People's Party Ten Point Program African People's Party
What J.O.M.O. Believes Junta of Militant Organizations
6. Social Concerns
We Support Your Rights... Eagle Forum
Child Care: The Great Federal Kidnap Conspiracy John Birch Society
Your Family: The Fight for America Begins at Home

Education A Positive Program to Save Our Schools Liberty Lobby
New Education: The Radicals Are After Your Children John Birch Society
In The Name Of Education Committee for Positive Education
What's Wrong With Sex Education Phyllis Schlafly
Gender Relations
Government Is Women's Enemy Association of Libertarian Feminists
The Right What the Equal Rights Amendment Means Phyllis Schlafly
What's Wrong with "Equal Rights" for Women?

A Manifesto of Men's Liberation Men's Rights Association
The Left C.O.Y.O.T.E.: Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics COYOTE
Draft Statements of Unity Lavender Left
What Is FSP? Freedom Socialist Party
7. Economic Questions
Economic Principles
The Individualist's Manifesto Individualists for a Rational Society
Regulations: How the Government Strangles Free Enterprise New Right Coalition
Declarations of Alteration and Reform Committee of the States in Congress
Taxes Must You Pay Income Tax? Patriot Network
Portrait of an American Traitor

Alternative Money Systems The Constitutional Way —Every Citizen a Stockholder Lord's Covenant Church
A Constitutional Money System Committee to Repeal, Rescind and Revoke the Federal Reserve Act
Report on Theft Frontiers of Freedom
The Right
Welfare Is Theft! New Right Coalition
The Left NWRO Demands for the Poor Peoples Campaign National Welfare Rights Organization
Welfare Bill of Rights

8. Intentional Communities Statement of Purpose The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord
Who We Are

Women do Have a Part in the Days Ahead

A Church With a Standard of Truth Church of Israel
The Duties of Christian Citizenship

For the Wise and the Prudent Only

9. Radical Decentralization Posse Comitatus—The Power of the People Posse Comitatus
It Is the Duty of Government to Prevent Injustice—Not to Promote It

Dear Patriot

Posse Instructions

Principles of the Left Green Network Left Green Network
Port Huron Statement Students for a Democratic Society
10. Tactics If This Be Rebellion American Militia Organization

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