Extreme Ops

Extreme Ops

Extreme Ops is a 2002 action movie, directed by Christian Duguay, and starring Devon Sawa, Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, Rupert Graves and Rufus Sewell. Originally titled The Extremists by its French director for its plot concerning both "extreme" sports and terrorists, the title was changed so as to avoid the obvious negative connotations in a terror-obsessed post-September 11th society. The film performed very poorly worldwide, especially in America where the American characters were seen as inauthentic caricatures.


A commercial director (Sewell) and three extreme sports enthusiasts (Sawa, Wilson-Sampras and Graves) takes a trip to a distant mountain retreat for seasonal practice and stunt filming. They soon stumble upon an intricate group of terrorists plotting an attack. The terrorists soon find out they had been watched by this unsuspected group of kids and rush swiftly to silence and kill the witnesses. Now racing for their lives against helicopters and expert assassins, these teens must put their quick extreme op skills to the test in order to escape the mountain.





  • Jean-Pierre Castaldi - Zoran
  • Liliana Komorowska - Yana
  • David Scheller - Slavko
  • Detlef Bothe - Ratko
  • Heinrich Schmieder - Goran
  • Franjo Marincic - Ivo
  • Rade Radovic - Jaksa
  • Wolfgang Packhauser - Nervous Serb
  • Norbert Blecha - Foreman
  • Vicky Huang - Kana
  • Hiro Kanagawa - Mr. Imahara

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