Extensible Markup Language

Call Control eXtensible Markup Language

Call Control eXtensible Markup Language (CCXML) is an XML standard designed to provide telephony support to VoiceXML. Its current status is a W3C Working Draft, adopted 19 January 2007. Where as VoiceXML is designed to provide a Voice User Interface to a voice browser, CCXML is designed to inform the voice browser how to handle the telephony control of the voice channel. The two XML applications are wholly separate and are not required by each other to be implemented.

Status and Future

  • CCXML 1.0 has not yet reached the status of a recommendation. The current version is Last Call Working Draft (19 January 2007). The publication of the document as a Candidate Recommendation is expected soon.
  • As CCXML uses extensively the concepts of events and transitions, it is expected that the State machines used in the next CCXML 2.0 version will take advantage of a new XML State Machine notation called SCXML (currently also in draft).

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