Experiment 502


[yahng, yang]
Yang may refer to:

  • Yang (character), The fictional character from the Disney/Jetix show Yin Yang Yo!.
  • Yang is a transcription of several Chinese words as they are pronounced in Mandarin:
    • or 阳 (yáng), a word that may mean "(sun)light," "good," "heaven," etc.
      • This is also the word for one half of the two opposing forces in Chinese philosophy, described as "bright positive masculine principle" in Chinese dualistic cosmology of yin and yang
    • or 杨 is a word for certain tree species, such as the poplar and the aspen.
      • Yang (surname), is usually transcribed from this word. E.g. Edward Zhong Zhong Yang
    • , sheep or goat, and symbol for the eighth of twelve animals in Chinese astrology.
    • (yáng), a word for "ocean," which may also be used as a prefix to form words that refer to foreign people, objects, or ideas that have reached China from overseas
  • Yang di-Pertuan Agong, the constitutional monarch of Malaysia
  • Yang is Experiment 502 in Lilo and Stitch: The Series
  • Yang Fang Leiden - a fictional character from Final Fantasy IV
  • Yang Lee - a character in the Street Fighter III series of fighting videogames.
  • Chen Ning Yang: a Nobel Prize winning physicist.
  • Yang Zhongjian (杨钟健, 1897-1979), a Chinese paleontologist
  • Yang Jisheng, a Chinese journalist and author of Tombstone

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