Expect No Mercy (film)

No. 2 (film)

No. 2, released as Naming Number Two in North America, is a 2006 New Zealand film written and directed by Toa Fraser in his feature film debut. It was released 16 February 2006 in New Zealand and 3 August 2007 in the U.S.. It was adapted from British-Fijian playwright Fraser's 2000 play.


Nanna Maria, the matriarch of a Fijian extended family living in a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand, feels that the heart and passion has gone out of her clan. One morning, she demands that her grown grandchildren put on a big pig-roast at which she will name her successor. The grandchildren — Soul, Charlene, Hibiscus, Erasmus, and her favorite, Tyson — reluctantly turn up, Tyson with his English girlfriend, Maria (called Danish Maria in the end-credits, but not in the film itself). Family conflicts play out as the difficult day progresses, but in the end the grandchildren -- and eventually Nanna's children too -- join with cousins and others in a traditional celebration.

Production & Trivia

The film was shot in the Auckland, New Zealand suburb of Mount Roskill during the latter part of summer 2005, with interior scenes of Nanna Maria's house taking place on a soundstage at Henderson Valley Studios. Post Production was completed in Wellington, at Park Road Post.

Soon after the arrival of Ruby Dee in New Zealand, the film was put on hold after the news that her husband Ossie Davis had died in the U.S. Dee flew back to attend the funeral. However, before she left New Zealand, she vowed to return and complete the film. The crew were stood down for a 3 week period, and principal photography commenced at the beginning of March 2005.


Actor Role
Ruby Dee Nanna Maria
Taungaroa Emile Soul
Rene Naufahu Erasmus
Tuva Novotny Danish Maria
Mia Blake Charlene
Xavier Horan Tyson
Miriama McDowell Hibiscus
Nathaniel Lees Uncle Percy
Tanea Heke Aunty Cat
Pio Terei Uncle John
Te Paki Cherrington Father Francis
Antony Starr Shelly





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