Exaile is a free software audio player for Unix-like operating systems that aims to be similar to KDE's Amarok, but based on the GTK+ toolkit instead of the Qt toolkit Amarok uses. It is written using pygtk (previously wxPython). It also uses the GStreamer multimedia platform for audio playback, and the Mutagen library for reading and writing track metadata. A patch to make Exaile run under Windows is already done, but official porting using GTK+ and GStreamer under Windows is currently under development.


Exaile incorporates many features found in Amarok including:

  • Automatic fetching of album art
  • Handling of large music libraries
  • Lyrics fetching
  • Artist and album information via Wikipedia
  • bidirectional support (both scrobbling of played songs and retrieving related songs from the server)
  • Optional iPod support (requires python-gpod)
  • Optional MTP player support (requires libmtp and pymtp)
  • Optional iTunes DAAP music sharing support
  • Built in shoutcast directory browser
  • Tabbed play lists
  • Blacklisting of tracks from the music library
  • Replay Gain support

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