Evoca Cola

Evoca Cola

Evoca Cola is a cola-flavoured carbonated soft drink. It is produced by Evoca Enterprises Limited and is currently sold in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and South Africa.


Evoca Enterprises Limited was established in May 2003 in the United Kingdom and officially launched its flagship brand Evoca Cola in January 2004.

Evoca Cola claims to be the only cola in the world to contain black seed (Nigella sativa) extract. After initial piloting in London, it was advertised on cable channels with its 'Power of Black Seed' and 'The Original Black Seed Cola' slogans. It relaunched its brand in June 2005 to challenge global soft drink manufacturers such as Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola with its own 'Evoca Taste Challenge'. Although Evoca Cola is very similar in taste to Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola, it differs in its composition by being made with natural mineral water.

In the latter part of 2006 Evoca Cola launched a new television advert which is currently being aired on cable/sky channels. The adverts draw comparisons with Red Bull animated adverts.

Islamic Cola?

Evoca Cola has faced challenges from other brand competitors such as Qibla Cola and Mecca Cola but has retained a presence in the market with a consistent client base.

Vendors of the cola have stressed the presence of black seed (حبه البركة Arabic), as black seed is well known in Islamic culture (and others), and there are recorded hadiths from Muhammad which stress its qualities as healing and beneficial. Despite this being a possible advantageous marketing angle, the product is not being sold as 'Islamic cola', in the way that Qibla Cola and Mecca Cola have been. There is also no trace of Islamic charity projects or a relationship with the Islamic community in the marketing material for Evoca Cola, as had been implied in previous publicity items for Mecca Cola. In that instance, Mecca Cola promises to donate 10% of its profits to fund humanitarian projects (such as schools) in the Palestinian territories, and another 10% to charities in the countries in which the drink is sold — particularly (to quote its website), "associations who work towards peace in the world and especially for peace in the conflict between Palestinians and fascist Zionist apartheid".


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