Every Second Counts (Game Show)

Every Second Counts (UK game show)

Every Second Counts was a game show which aired on BBC One between 8 February 1986 and 29 October 1993 and was hosted by Paul Daniels. It is based on the American game show of the same name.


Game play is almost exactly as the American version. Each week 3 married couples competed against each other to win seconds of time. In each half of the game, one member of each couple would sit in the "driver's seat" and answer questions which were all statements, each with two possible answers. Each correct answer earned seconds, while an incorrect answer eliminated that player from the round. Correct answers in the first half won 2 seconds, and right answers in the second half earned 4 seconds.

Bonus round

Each half of the game also had a bonus round in which each couple got a chance to earn up to 10 seconds. Each couple starting with the couple in third place chose a category, and a question with multiple wrong answers & only one right answer was read. The goal was to choose the right answer as fast as you can, for the longer it takes to guess the right answer, the lesser time they get. The couple with the most seconds of time at the end won the chance to win some major prize.

Final round

In the final round, the winning couple used the time they earned in the game to win prizes. To start, they choose one of two categories to complete statements from. Each category has three possible answers used to complete those statements. For every statement completed correctly, a light goes out, and putting out all lights won a prize. For the first four lights put out, they won prize #1, five lights won prize #2, six won prize #3, and putting out seven lights won a holiday, otherwise they get £50 for every second leftover.

The 2 losing couples went away with a pair of Every Second Counts watches and an Every Second Counts clock.

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