Everville is a novel by British author Clive Barker. It was released in 1994 and is the second in the "Book of the Art", but it also can be read alone.

The first part of The Art Trilogy, The Great and Secret Show, was released in 1989.

Everville tells the story of a small town of the same name, from its creation to transformation over the years. Several characters populate the book, some from our world and others from Quiddity, the vast universe / Afterlife / other place hinted at in the first book of the series. Noteworthy characters include detective Harry D'Amour from previous Barker works (most notably his Lord of Illusions story) as well as a few from book one of the series.

Among several new characters, mentioned in passing or detail, are the 'Shu (small, squid-like beings who are "pieces of God"... or maybe not), Phoebe Cobb, a resident of the town who passionately loves Joe, a dark-skinned painter, and Seth, a gay teenager who can hear angels knocking from the other side of Heaven.

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