Evasion (book)

Evasion (book)

Evasion is a book that spun off from a zine of the same name. It was published by CrimethInc. in 2003. The book is comprised of 108 pages of slightly revised text from the original zine (95% of which is retained) along with 162 pages of new material. The author is not named in the book, but is referred to elsewhere as "Mac", "the Evasion Kid", or "Mac Evasion." He later wrote a column in the zine heartattaCk and has been identified as "Nigel Davis" in one bibliography.

Evasion catalogs the travels and exploits of a straight-edge vegan young man who decided to not get a job or go to school after high school, despite his parents' wishes. Deciding that his life, freedom, and time were too valuable to be wasted working in a job he would despise, to build profits for a company, he stepped outside of the confines of a traditional role in society.


Hitching rides, hopping trains, dumpster diving, squatting, shoplifting, contriving receipt scams, the narrator defines for himself what life should be about. The lack of oversight and security of big business play a paramount role in his quest to never ever work again.

Publication history

Evasion's history is described in the afterword of the book itself:

Copyright status

The book is licensed under the following idiosyncratic terms: "Excluding all corporations, the text from this book may be reproduced without permission in any form and quantity, by any means necessary."


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