Eva Gardens

Eva Gardens, Virginia

Eva Gardens is an established, predominantly African-American, working-class community off of Campostella Road in the independent city of Chesapeake, Virginia, USA. The neighborhood is composed of modest residences of various architectural styles that have been home to some families since the 1970s. Interstate 464 runs to the North, Bainbridge Boulevard to its west, and the neighboring community of Crestwood Manor to the South just across Newton's Creek. The main and only artery into the community lies to the East, which is Campostella Road.

Decline and Revitalization

In an effort to combat the problems that face the neighborhood the residence have formed a civic league. The civic league held a march in the summer of 2003 to take back its streets. The city council also approved the building of larger single family homes in the northern section of the community between Anthony Drive and I-464 on 2 new streets, one ending in a cul-de-sac named Janell Ct and the other an extension of E. Eva Blvd. As a result of these efforts drugs and crime are a smaller issue and the city has increased its police presence to combat these ailments. The neighborhood is served by the City of Chesapeake's 5th Precinct.


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