Eurycles amboinensis

Proiphys ambionensis

Proiphys amboinensis (syn. Eurycles amboinensis) was named after the island of Ambiona, now Ambon, in Indonesia. Common names include Cardwell Lily and Northern Christmas Lily (as it usually flowers around Christmas). It is a member of the family Amaryllidaceae and is found in SE Asia, Indonesia and from Cape York to Central Queensland in Australia.

It prefers open, lightly shaded rainforest. It grows quickly after the arrival of the wet season producing almost circular leaves followed by attractive scented white flowers with yellow throats. The larger leaves can be over 25 cm long have a leaf stem up to 46 cm long. The pure white flowers are 5 cm wide each with up to 18 flowers in a cluster on stalks over 50 cm. long. Flowering typically begins about Christmas time and is followed by the production of green to blackish capsules 25-30 mm across. The leaves die away in the dry season.

Cultivation and uses

Prefers a fairly well shaded position. A good container plant. Needs lots of water in the growing season.


Propagate from seed or lift the bulb.


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