European Democratic Alliance

European Democratic Alliance

The European Democratic Alliance was a heterogeneous political group in the European Parliament between 1984 and 1995.


Following the 1984 elections, the Group of European Progressive Democrats renamed itself on 24 July 1984 to the Group of the European Democratic Alliance. The European Democratic Alliance joined with MEPs from Forza Italia to became the \"Group Union for Europe\" on 6 July 1995.

MEPs at 23 July 1984

Member state MEPs Party MEPs Notes
France 20 Rassemblement pour la République 15
Centre National des Indépendants et Paysans 2 Magdeleine Anglade, Philippe Malaud
U-DCF? 1 Europe-Politique uses an undefined abbreviation \"U-DCF\"
Parti radical valoisien 1 Jacqueline Thome-Patenotre
Union pour la Démocratie Française 1
Ireland 8 Fianna Fáil 8
United Kingdom 1 Scottish National Party 1 Winifred M. Ewing

MEPs at 25 July 1989

Member state MEPs Party MEPs Notes
France 13 Rassemblement pour la République 12
Centre National des Indépendants et Paysans 1 Yvon Briant
Ireland 6 Fianna Fáil 6
Greece 1 Democratic Renewal 1 Dimitrios Nianias



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