Europe GAA

Europe GAA

The European Board of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) (Irish: Cumann Luthchleas Gael na hEorpa ) or Europe GAA is one of the boards of the GAA outside Ireland, and is responsible for organizaning Gaelic Games in Europe, with the exception of Ireland and Great Britain. The board is responsible for the European Gaelic football, Hurling, Camogie and Ladies' Gaelic football teams.


Gaelic football


Past winners

Year Winner Score Runner-up Score
2007 Den Haag winners Luxembourg second
2006 Inneoin Zurich winners Brussels second
2005 Inneoin Zurich winners Munich Colmcilles second
2004 Inneoin Zurich winners Munich Colmcilles second
2003 Den Haag winners Inneoin Zurich second
2002 Den Haag winners Inneoin Zurich second

List of Clubs

As of 2007:

  • Austria: Vienna Gaels
  • Belgium: Belgium GAA asbl (, EC Gaelic Club of Brussels (
  • Denmark: Copenhagen GFC
  • Finland: Northern Gaels HC
  • France: Ar Gwazi Gouez (Rennes), Paris Gaels, Brest, Bains sur Ouest, Merdrignac, Sens de Bretagne
  • Guernsey: Guernsey Gaels
  • Germany: Na Fianna (Bremen), Frankfurt Sarsfields, München Colmcilles, Nordrhein Westfalen Exiles, St. Kilians (Würzburg)
  • Hungary: Budapest Rangers
  • Luxembourg: Luxembourg Gaelic Sports Club
  • Netherlands: Amsterdam GAC, Den Haag, St. Martin's (Groningen), Maastricht Gaels
  • Spain: Barcelona Gaels, Costa Gaels, Madrid Harps, St. Fermin (Pamplona), Valencia GAA, Valls GFC (Tarragona)
  • Sweden: Gothenburg
  • Switzerland: Inneoin Zurich HC

County Board

  • Chairperson

Eileen Jennings Paris Gaels

  • Vice-Chair

John O’Brien Inneoin Zurich

  • Secretary

Tony Bass Maastricht Gaels

  • Treasurer

Ciaran MacGuill Paris Gaels

  • Public Relations Officer

Stefania Michielis Paris Gaels

  • Assistant secretary

Mike Cryan Paris Gaels

  • Assistant treasurer

Sylvain Souron AG Rennes

  • Club Development Officer

Deborah Maher Luxembourg GSC

  • Coaching & Games Developemt

Denis Reidy Den Haag GAA

  • Youth Officer

Stephen Campbell Barcelona Gaels

  • Irish Language & Culture

Eoin Mullins Luxembourg GSC

  • Hurling Officer

Trevor Keating Inneoin Zurich

  • Football Officer

John Kelleher Copenhagen

  • Referee’s Administrator

Jarrett Reckseidler Brussels HC

  • Ladies Football Liaison Officer

Maria Lane Munich Colmcilles

  • Camogie Liaison Officer

Olga Barry Brussels HC

As of 2007

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