Eurongilly, New South Wales

Eurongilly is a strong farming community in the central part of the Riverina and situated about 19 kilometres north west from Nangus and 21 kilometres south east from Junee. It has a population within a 7 kilometre radius of approximately 355 people.

Eurongilly is a typical example of the country town acceptance of the call to arms requests that occurred during the history of Australia. Indeed despite the fact of its tiny stature, (there are no buildings in Eurongilly other than the Hall (see image) and the Bush Fire Brigade shed) the area proudly remembers those that served on the commemorative gate posts of the RJ Cooper (DFC) park, which was provided by Cooper's parents after he was killed in action over Derna, North Africa in 1941, whilst enlisted in the RAF during World War II. The gate posts show that a total of 34 locals served (probably more than 10% of the total village population) during that conflict. Another 4 of the Eurongilly population served during the Vietnam War.

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