Euronews is a multilingual and pan-European television news channel launched on January 1 1993. It covers world news from a European perspective, in many languages.

In 2008 Euronews is distributed to 248 million households in 135 countries worldwide. The latest distribution report shows that Euronews is the leading international news channel in Europe. It reached more than 177 million European households by cable, satellite and terrestrial. This compared with 167 million European households for CNN International, 124 million for BBC World News and 65 million for CNBC Europe.

Euronews uses voice-over narration to accompany all news footage save for live coverage, and features a "no comment" segment dedicated to reports which exclusively consist of visual content.

Selected by the European Commission for a "mission of European information" from amongst seven candidates, Euronews produces and broadcasts news programs simultaneously in eight languages on issues that pertain both to the European Union as to the world. The channel receives €5 million of funding each year, and 10% or more of its production must consist of information and debates which are directly related to issues regarding the European Union. The channel also devoted a significant amount of attention to EU related subjects prior to receiving this mandate due to its pan-European television network formation.

On 4 June 2008, Euronews redesigned its logo, on-air presentation and website.


As a rolling news channel, headlines from both Europe as well as the world are broadcast at 30 minute intervals on Euronews. Brief magazine articles typically fill in the remaining schedule, which focus on market data, financial news, sports news, art & culture, science, weather, European politics and press reviews of the major European newspapers. These item slots will occasionally be displaced for breaking news or live coverages.

Euronews is currently broadcast in eight languages; English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Arabic, however not all languages are available in all countries. This multilingual approach prevents the use of on screen anchors, leading Euronews to use voice-over narration to accompany its news footage. An optional and "silent" audio stream without this voice-over is additionally broadcast with some Euronews transmissions. Some items are displayed without commentary under the banner "No Comment", a segment which reports exclusively through visual footage.

Euronews recently expanded into Romania with a 30-minute Romanian-language newscast on Romanian second channel TVR 2, on weekdays at 9:15 AM.

On June 6th 2008 it was revealed that Euronews will be re-launching its Arabic language service, which existed between the years 1996 until 1999 and was terminated back then due to financial reasons.

In an exclusive interview with Faisal Abbas - Media Editor of the London based Arab daily - Asharq Al-Awsat, Michael Peters - Managing Director of Euronews, confirmed that the launch event of the new Arabic channel be on the 12th of July 2008 and will take place at the "Institute Du Monde Arabe" in Paris. Peters explained that Euronews has secured a Five-year contract with the European Commission to secure finances for the new project at five Million Euros a year..

History and organisation

Euronews was originally founded in 1992 in Lyon as a European Broadcasting Union initiative by a group of 11 European public broadcasters:

  • RTÉ
  • RTVE (quit in May 2008)
  • TMC
  • YLE
  • BHRT
  • MBC
  • It began broadcasting from Lyon on January 1, 1993.

    In 1997, the British news broadcaster ITN bought a 49% share of Euronews for £5.1m from Alcatel-Alsthom. ITN supplies the content of the channel along with the remaining shareholders, which are represented by the SOCEMIE (Société Editrice de la Chaîne Européenne Multilingue d'Information EuroNews) consortium. SOCEMIE is the actual operating company which produces the channel and holds the broadcasting licence. It is co-owned by the founders and:

  • NTU
  • TVR
  • TV4 (Stake holder)
  • The broadcast switched from solely analogue to mainly digital transmission in 1999. In the same year the Portuguese audio track was added. The Russian audio track appeared in 2001.

    As of late November 2005, German TV channels ARD and ZDF were in negotiations about joining Euronews.

    On February 6 2006, Ukrainian public broadcaster Natsionalna Telekompanya Ukraïny (NTU) bought a 1% stake in SOCEMIE.


    Logo used prior to June 2008
    Programs on Euronews include:

    • news - Covering the top European and international news stories
    • press - A look at the front pages of various European titles every morning
    • business - Financial news
    • markets - News on the world stock markets and commodity prices
    • wall street live - Live from the New York Stock Exchange
    • headlines - A brief overview of the main news stories
    • europe - Covering European affairs
    • sport - Top sports stories
    • eurofoot - Results of European football
    • no comment - Short video(s) with no narrator
    • meteo europe/world/airport - weather forecasting
    • interview - An interview with a noted individual
    • reporter - A look at the lives of European citizenry
    • agora - A head-to-head debate
    • sawa - A look at the lives of European citizenry living around the Mediterranean Sea
    • f.a.q. - General information about EU matters
    • le mag - Covering the arts, music, fashion, travel and culture
    • cinema - Recent films and movies
    • you - Interactive comment of EU citizenry regarding key issues
    • space - A look at space technology
    • talent - Ordinary people with extra-ordinary talents
    • hi tech - Focusing on science and technology studies
    • futuris - Focusing on futuristic technologies and theories
    • rendez-vous - Current cultural events in Europe
    • parlamento - News about the European Parliament
    • perspectives - Covers how different European channels broadcast current affairs
    • comment visions - Interviews with thinkers, innovators and opinion leaders


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