Eurasian green toad

European Green Toad

The European green toad Bufo viridis is a toad found in mainland Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. They live in many areas, including steppes, mountainous areas, semi-deserts, and urban areas. There are variations in the colors and patterns of these toads across their range. The spots their backs are usually anything from green to dark brown and sometimes red spots appear, too. Most toads have white or very lighly colored stomachs.

The toads eat a variety of insects and invertebrates, mainly crickets, meal worms, earth worms, moths, beetles and caterpillars.

These toads will change their color in response to heat and light changes, but to a greater degree than others. Also similar to other toads, the European Green Toad has glands behind its neck that secrete a toxin when the toad is threatened. Female toads are larger than males and can lay 9,000 to 15,000 eggs at a time. They can reach a maximum size of 6", but growth to this size is rare. They are very cute and cuddly.


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