Eternal poetry

Evig Poesi

Evig Poesi (Norwegian for «eternal poetry») is an Oslo-based Norwegian rap group. The music is influenced by artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, De la Soul and DJ Krush.

Evig Poesi was founded by (Jon Petter Etnestad) and Deep Thought autumn 1998, and was first called MHC. The name quickly changed into Evig Poesi (English translation: Eternal Poetry). After a couple of years of rhyme-writing, beat-production, concert-playing and freestyling, the EP Åndelig Føde was released May 2001. DJ Broder T joined the group during the summer of 2001. The Summer 2003, they released their second EP, "Drekka Melk". The video they made off this release got heavy rotation on Norwegian TV-Channels such as NRK, and ZTV.

January 2006 they released a full-length album called "I Krig og Kjærlighet", ("In love and war")

Since the release the "group" changed some. It now defines itself as a loose collective of artists and musicians, all connected to the aforrementioned MC/producer Smart 9000

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