Estonian euro coins

Estonian euro coins

Estonian euro coins feature only a single design for all eight coins. This is a design by Lembit Lõhmus and features a map of Estonia together with the word Eesti (Estonia) and the twelve stars surrounding the map. This was the winning design in a public vote of ten announced in December 2004.

Estonian euro coins are not currently in circulation since Estonia does not yet use the euro as its currency. Estonia and the other nine states that joined the EU in 2004 have committed to adopting the euro. Of the ten new member states, Estonia was the first to unveil its design. It originally planned to adopt the euro on 1 January 2007; however, it did not formally apply when Slovenia did, and officially changed its target date to 1 January 2008, and later, to 1 January 2010.

Estonian euro design

For images of the common side and a detailed description of the coins, see euro coins.

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