Esky is an Australian brand of coolers manufactured by Nylex. The name is a reference to the association of Eskimos with cold climates. The term has become a genericized trademark and as such is a colloquial term in Australia for any portable cooler.

The "Esky" was created by Malley's, a Sydney refrigeration business. The construction is made up of two layers: Polypropylene on the outer shell, with a polyurethane inner layer. This makes it lightweight and portable with great insulation. Originally the Esky had a steel outside shell.

Cultural references

There are a number of references to esky in Australian popular culture:

  • Esky lids is a dismissive slang term surfers give body boards.
  • Some Australian songs that include references to 'eskies' are:
    • Paul Kelly's Roll On Summer - "The sweet metal taste of VB, Straight from the ice cold esky".
    • Jebediah's Country Holiday Song - "Come and take a drive out of the city, packed some smoke and some wine in an esky".
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