Erik Ohlsson

Erik Ohlsson (born July 2, 1975 in Örebro, Sweden) is the lead and rhythm guitarist of Swedish punk rock band Millencolin. He currently resides in Örebro, Sweden. He designs most all of the band's artwork, including their t-shirts, logos, cover artwork, and their official homepage Ohlsson edited and designed Millencolin's 1998 video Millencolin and the Hi-8 Adventures. He also works as a freelance graphic designer at Eckhouse Design. He still skateboards from time to time, but like the other two members of Millencolin who skate (Nikola Sarcevic and Mathias Färm), the time available to do so has been taken up by various side projects. He has a dog named Colin. Is a vegetarian. In the first albums of the band, he played most lead parts; but in the last 4 albums, he plays most of rhythm guitar parts, and usually the main solos. You can see this in their last live concerts or watching in youtube their last presentations.


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