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Ambrosia "Amber" Moore (previously Forrester and Ashby) is a fictional character from the CBS soap operas The Bold and the Beautiful and its "sister soap" The Young and the Restless. Emmy Award-winning actress Adrienne Frantz portrayed the character on B&B from July 18, 1997 until April 14, 2005. She then crossed over to Y&R on November 29, 2006 where she currently remains. In addition, Amber was the central character in a 2007 web-only CBS miniseries called L.A. Diaries, which chronologically took place before her debut on Y&R.


Seventeen-year-old Amber arrived in Los Angeles in 1997. Before that, Amber worked with Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) in a restaurant in Death Valley. At Sheila's urging, Amber eventually got a job babysitting Sheila and James Warwick's (Ian Buchanan) baby, Mary Margaret; Sheila believed Amber would allow her to see her baby, who was being raised by Maggie Forrester (Barbara Crampton). After initially sympathizing with Sheila's plight, Amber quickly sided with James and Maggie and made it publicly known that she did not believe Sheila was either mentally stable, or a fit mother.

By this time, she had begun working for Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) as Rick (then played by Jacob Young, later Justin Torkildsen, now Kyle Lowder) and Bridget's (then played by Agnes Bruckner, later Jennifer Finnigan, Emily Harrison and Ashley Jones) babysitter.

Amber was initially amused by Rick's school boy crush on her, but soon began to develop feelings for the sixteen-year-old. Eric and Brooke were not thrilled with Amber when the infatuation first came to light, but Amber had won over Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) after Sheila attacked Stephanie and left her for dead. Grateful for finding her and having her taken to the hospital, Stephanie announced that Amber had saved her life.

Amber and Rick

When Rick ended up in the hospital after an accident in a drag race with C.J. Garrison (Mick Cain), which was Amber's idea, a guilt-ridden Amber donated one of her own kidneys to save Rick's life.

The two grew closer and Amber discovered she was pregnant. Her child's paternity came into question when an old boyfriend, Raymond King (Usher) revealed that they'd had sex one night when Amber had become drunk and passed out.

After she married Rick, Amber left L.A. and went to see her mother, Tawny (Andrea Evans), in Death Valley; she wanted to give birth away from L.A., in the event that the child was Raymond's (it would be rather obvious as Raymond was African American. Unfortunately, as the child was stillborn, there was never an opportunity to test the baby's paternity, though it has always been assumed to be Rick's.

Little Eric

Amber was devastated by the death of her child, and when Tawny learned that Amber's cousin Becky (Marissa Tait) had given birth that same night to a child that she did not want, she convinced Amber to take that baby back to L.A. as her own. It wasn't long before Amber fell in love with the infant.

Brooke eventually learned about the night that Raymond and Amber were together, and lied that Amber's involvement was consensual. Rick agreed to stay with Amber regardless.

Later, Becky visited Amber in L.A. and voiced regret over giving up her baby. Amber was uncomfortable with Becky's attachment toward Little Eric and helped organize a job for Becky at Forrester International in Paris, France.

Becky soon found the baby she had put up for adoption and Amber convinced her to keep quiet, while Rick continue to battle unresolved feelings for Kimberly Fairchild (Ashley Lyn Cafagna). At an effort to undermine Amber, Kimberly uncovered the truth about Little Eric's true identity. Rick and the rest of the Forresters were horrified at the revelation that the real Eric Forrester III was dead and buried in the middle of the desert.

C.J. and Becky then began dating. Amber discovered that Becky was dying and kept her illness a secret from her. Everyone knew that Becky was dying and kept it from her until her wedding day. Becky died peacefully, bringing together the Forrester and Spectra families.

C.J. gained temporary custody of Little Eric and moved in with Amber. Bringing home Ash, who tried to pick her up while working at Café Russe, Sam, a jealous groupie, set Amber and CJ up for drug possession. The Forresters feared for Little Eric's well-being. C.J. and Amber soon developed feelings for one another and planned to marry. Rick stopped their wedding by tracking down Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan), Eric's biological father. Rick implored Amber to leave C.J. so that he could give her the life she had always dreamed of. Not completely over Rick, Amber left C.J.

Deacon Sharpe

The Spectras and Forresters began a bidding war for Little Eric. Using Little Eric as leverage, Deacon took the child to live with himself and his lover Carmen Arena (Gladys Jimenez) at his apartment, which was situated above his club, The Lair. Deacon's attraction to Amber soon developed into much deeper feelings of affection. Carmen became suspicious of Deacon's motives of not accepting the offer of one million dollars and Amber's constant visits. Carmen's jealousy intensified one night when she took baby Eric to the rooftop of Deacon's building. Amber confronted psychotic Carmen, who hesitantly returned Eric to Deacon. The confrontation ensues in a struggle, which resulted in Carmen accidentally falling to her death.

Amber asked Deacon to sign papers releasing her from the four month agreement but instead allowing visitation to Little Eric. Amber and Rick's wedding day arrived, and as the ceremony began and the two were about to exchange vows, Eric stood up and asked the minister to stop as he approached Deacon and demanded he leave immediately. Eric and Brooke were mortified when Bridget announced that Deacon was her date! The guests are asked to leave. Deacon and Amber went to the den to talk, while the rest of the Forresters tried to make Bridget see Deacon's true intentions. When Rick, Eric and Brooke entered the den, Deacon forced them to choose between Amber and Bridget, stating that he WOULD be leaving with one of them. Rick and Amber then married.

Deacon begged Amber not to marry Rick, but she refused. To get revenge on the Forresters, Deacon began dating Bridget and eventually married her in a shotgun Las Vegas ceremony. Deacon tried to make a deal with the Forresters that he would divorce Bridget if Amber and Little Eric were given back to him. The Forresters refused the deal and Bridget and Deacon stayed married. Deacon continued to flirt with Amber, until Bridget found out the real reason Deacon married her and was involved in a car crash. Deacon vowed to stand by his wife and Amber stayed with Rick. Soon after, Amber became pregnant with her and Rick's second child.

Amber then began designing for Forrester Creations and became a fashion success, but she passed out in pain at her first fashion show. Amber was rushed to the hospital, but lost the baby due to complications.

Sheila Carter's Return

Amber could not stand the pain of losing another child and turned to pills to ease the pain. She became addicted to them and after her doctor refused to prescribe anymore of them to her, she went to a drug dealer named Ziggy (Matt Borlenghi) to get them. When Amber realized how low she had sunk, she went to her sister in law, Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo), for help. Taylor got Amber into a rehab center and Rick supported her through the ordeal.

After Amber returned home, the Forresters threw a beach party. At the beach party, a man named Lance drugged Amber and took her back to his place (Lance was paid by Sheila to do so). The next morning, Lance told Amber that she had gotten drunk, but they had not slept together (this was only half true). Amber went home and told Rick that she woke up in bed with a strange man and could not remember anything else. Rick was furious to hear what Amber had done and Amber then moved in with Taylor and Ridge (Ronn Moss). Amber and Taylor believed that she had been drugged by Lance but could not figure out why. Amber questioned Lance many times, but Sheila murdered him before he could tell her what really happened that night.

It wasn't long before Amber realized what was going on, and Sheila kidnapped her, determined to install her own sixteen-year-old daughter, Erica (Courtnee Draper) as Rick's love interest and Little Eric's mother. In a final battle, Taylor was shot by Sheila and presumed dead, and Amber and everyone else grieved for her. Rick and Amber were able to get past what had happened and reunite.

Downward Spiral

However, Deacon's presence continued to cause problems in their life, especially when it was proven that Rick and Amber had no legal right to Little Eric. Deacon, who had recently married Macy Alexander (Bobbie Eakes), eventually won custody of Little Eric. Amber kidnapped Little Eric and went on the run, which was the final straw for Rick, who walked out on her. After Macy died at Oscar Marone's (Brian Gaskill) club, Amber offered to look after Little Eric for Deacon, and knowing how much his son loved her, he agreed.

Once Deacon was able to look after his son again, Amber was again out of their lives, and with Rick having turned his back on her, she began flirting with Oscar to get a job with him, but nothing came of it. When Amber nearly died in a house fire, she temporarily moved in with firefighter Hector Ramirez (Lorenzo Lamas), his daughter Caitlin (Kayla Ewell), and adopted son Jimmy (Chris Warren Jr.), but it wasn't long before Amber was back on her feet again and living in Taylor's old beach house.

She tried once again to patch things up with Rick, but he had fallen in love with Caitlin. When Ridge's son Thomas (Drew Tyler Bell) found Caitlin, whom he had been seeing, kissing Rick, he ended up at the beach house, where Amber comforted him. Amber tried to fight her attraction to Thomas, but when the Forresters turned their backs on her and she was rendered homeless, she stopped fighting and she and Thomas became lovers.

She reluctantly left town after Ridge filed a restraining order against her, returning after Thorne (Winsor Harmon) offered her a job at Spectra Couture. She then moved into the Forrester guest house and tried to have a genuine relationship with Thomas, but when that failed, she blamed Ridge.

Desperate to prove that Ridge wasn't such a great guy in an attempt to get Thomas back, Amber set Ridge and Bridget up to end up in an abandoned mine together on a skiing trip to Big Bear, convinced that they would give into their feelings for one another. Her plan backfired when Ridge and Bridget almost died, and Thomas wanted nothing more to do with her.

She left Los Angeles for Italy to try to put her life back together, and caught Ridge in what she believed was a delicate position with another woman, but in fact, an amnesiac Ridge had been kidnapped by a mentally unstable Morgan DeWitt (Sarah Buxton). She helped get him home, but it didn't improve her standing with the Forrester family.

After swearing to Stephanie that she would make herself a better person, Amber left town for parts unknown.

Genoa City

A year and a half later, in November 2006, Amber moved to Genoa City, Wisconsin -- the hometown of former acquaintance Lauren Fenmore Baldwin (Tracey E. Bregman). Reuniting with Lauren and her new husband Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc), Amber performed at Indigo, the jazz club owned by Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John), when the regularly scheduled band cancelled without notice. She also began a flirtation with Adrian Korbel (Eyal Podell), who was also interested in Colleen Carlton (then Adrianne Leon; now Tammin Sursok).

After her fling with Adrian fell apart, Amber met Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard) on a chat room for adoptees looking for their birthparents. Amber had previously been looking for a woman named Violet after being accidentally present at Katherine Chancellor's (Jeanne Cooper) house when Kay remembered having stolen Jill Abbott's (Jess Walton) son Phillip and replacing him with another child. Kay then remembered giving him to someone named Violet. Following up on this lead, Amber trolled the Internet with some help from Adrian.

Amber deduced that Cane was the child they were seeking, but instead of telling them, she decided to marry Cane, whom she has been spending time with for the past several weeks. After leaving for Las Vegas, Amber drugged Cane and, with help from her friend Alison Stewart (of As the World Turns), orchestrated a faux wedding. Cane didn't remember marrying Amber, but was willing to give their marriage a go. He was still oblivious to the fact that she only wanted him because he was a Chancellor.

Daniel Romalotti

Against her husband's wishes, Amber had been privately flirting with Daniel Romalotti (Michael Graziadei). A photo of her naked breasts was found on his cellphone by his wife Lily (Christel Khalil). A brief but public scandal came of this as Lily and Amber were secretly videotaped arguing about the picture, and the videotape was subsequently shown on a reality show called Extreme Catwalk in May 2007.

Despite all of these problems, Amber and Daniel continued to be friendly and get each other in trouble. Just as things were starting to boil over from the naked photo mess, Amber's ex-boyfriend Plum came into town, claiming to be her cousin, and threatened to expose an old sex site she had back in Los Angeles. Amber played along with Plum, afraid to be caught by her husband, and asked Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart) to give him a place to stay, hoping she could drive him away. Soon after, Daniel and Kevin found Plum dead in the apartment.

While looking around the room, Amber, Daniel and Kevin found a bag full of money and decided not to turn it in to the police. They each took some of it and buried the rest on the grounds of the Chancellor Estate. Amber bought Cane a motorcycle with her share after he discovered a huge wad of cash on her.

Following a phone conversation with Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), Cane took it upon himself to investigate Amber's past. After requesting a copy of the marriage certificate from the chapel in Las Vegas and seeing that the signature on it was not his, he started to doubt Amber. Finally, she came by his office and Cane suggested that they get married the right way and have a big ceremony. He then told her he knew everything, referring to the fact that he had not been at the chapel at all and they were not indeed married. More importantly, that she only wanted to marry him for his name and his money. Amber pleaded with Cane but to no avail.

Money Trouble

A desperate Amber returned to the Chancellor Estate, where she had buried the money, but was caught caught by a criminal posing to be a U.S. Treasury Official looking for the money, who kidnapped her and held her for ransom. Cane came to her rescue, but she was arrested for felony and set on bail for a quarter million dollars and while Jill put up the money, Cane still wanted nothing to do with Amber and even pretended to want her back by having sex with her. Afterwards, he revealed he only did it so that she would know what it felt like to be fooled by someone she thought loved her.

While Kevin and Daniel were able to pay back their share of the money(which had turned up missing following Amber's kidnapping), Amber panicked when she discovered she couldn't. This led her to team up with Plum's old war buddy Carson(whom helped Plum steal the money). Amber suspected Jill's fiancee Ji Min Kim (Eric Steinberg) of stealing the money. While searching his hotel room Amber made a shocking discovery: Ji Min's dead body.

After Jill and the police arrived Amber was questioned and told the police of her theory that Ji Min had the money. Since the police hadn't taken her seriously, she and Daniel decided to rent Ji Min's hotel room and search themselves. Once alone, Amber found the money in a heating vent but didn't know whether or not to tell anyone. Just then Kevin's mother Gloria Bardwell (Judith Chapman) told Amber that she would cover her portion of the stolen money if it meant keeping her son out of jail. Amber gladly accepted as this would cover her legal debt.

She then decided to burn some of the government money and stuff it back in the vent in Ji Min's room to make it seem as if it had been destroyed and she could keep the rest. After the fire department arrived, the money was found and it was reported that Ji Min had stole it. Amber's luck seemed to be improving as Michael soon got her, Kevin, and Daniel probation with community service and no jail time. However, she got knocked two steps back as Cane continued to hate her and even kissed Daniel's ex-wife Lily at their "divorce party."

Cane later made peace with Amber after she comforted Katherine during their entrapment at Clear Springs after the parking structure collapsed. Katherine, Jill, and Cane were grateful to Amber for sticking by her side until help arrived. However, Cane still refused to become romantically involved with her again and continued his flirtation with both Lily and A.D.A. Heather Stevens (Vail Bloom).

Fresh Faces of Jabot

In another attempt to win Cane back, Amber entered the "Fresh Faces of Jabot" contest under the false identity of "Marina Dryden." Interestingly enough, she was one of the eight finalists along with Lily (who entered mainly because of Cane's urging). However, her ruse didn't last long.

While at a press conference announcing her and Lily as two of the four finalists, Cane exposed Amber by pulling off her wig. After Jill, Cane, and the press hounded her, Katharine took her back to her house. While talking, Amber was shocked when Kay suddenly passed out. She quickly awoke but had suffered a mini-stroke, which she told Amber to tell no one. After hearing about Kay's dramatic past Amber decided it was time to move on and she finally accepted that she and Cane would never be together again.

As she continued being mentored by Katherine, Amber still felt lonely. During a party that Daniel had thrown to cheer up Heather,(whom he'd recently developed a flirtation with) Amber and Daniel had sex. Realizing that their friendship had changed, Amber moved out of the apartment despite efforts by Kevin's girlfriend Jana Hawkes (Emily O'Brien) to get the two together. While helping her move in, she and Daniel gave into their passion once again and had sex. Afterwards, Daniel discovered the stolen money that she had kept. While Amber tried to convince him to keep it a secret, he told Kevin who made the two burn it to avoid getting in further trouble.

Restless Amber

Amber then took a job with Daniel, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), Nick (Joshua Morrow), Jack (Peter Bergman) and Sharon (Sharon Case) at their new magazine Restless Style. Shortly afterwards, Daniel decided to go on tour with his dad for a few weeks leaving Amber worried that their relationship would not last. As the weeks went by and Daniel had not communicated much with her, Amber became convinced that he didn't feel the same way about her. Once Phyllis received a photo from Daniel alongside another girl she purposely left it open for Amber to find to make her think he was cheating on her in order to break them up. After a night of drinking, Amber ended up sleeping with Adrian, only to be found out about by Phyllis. Once Daniel returned, Amber decided it was best to come clean before Phyllis told him. Daniel then walked out on her. After an argument with his mother, Daniel took Amber back. After deciding that they wanted to reconcile they slept together. Daniel left to go the hospital and Phyllis came to the penthouse to call a truce with Amber. Phyllis revealed that Daniel loves her and she didn't want Amber to come between her relationship with her son. After Phyllis leaves Daniel returns to say that they should remain just friends. Despite his lingering feelings for Amber, Daniel rebounded into a relationship with Colleen, infuriating Amber. To make Daniel jealous, Amber had started dating a guy named Liam. Everyone thought she had made him up to make Daniel jealous but it turned out he was real. She would keep making excuses to where they couldn't see him or talk to him. At Daniel's art show in New York, where Amber showed up since most of the work was of her, Liam also showed up. It then turned out Liam was actually Billy Abbott, Colleen's uncle and Cane's half-brother.

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