Erden Eruç

Erden Eruç

Erden Eruç is an adventurer attempting a human-powered circumnavigation which is to include summitting the tallest mountains on six continents.

Eruç departed Seattle, WA and rode his bicycle to California. He departed California July 11th 2007 bound for Mooloolaba, Australia in a purpose-built rowboat. Eruç battled unusually strong currents in the mid-pacific making progress South difficult. He was ultimately unable to cross the equator due to currents and wind patterns in the ITCZ.

On May 10th Eruç broke the record for days at sea by an ocean rower. This record was previously held by Peter Bird. Eruç attempt to cross the pacific without resupply ended on May 17th bringing his total days at sea in a rowboat without resupply to 316, the new world record.

Eruç plans to continue his ocean crossing after the 2008 typhoon season.

Eruç has previously rowed across the Atlantic ocean. He has also ridden his bicycle from Seattle to Alaska, and from Seattle to California.

On January 10th, 2008 a false alarm was received from Eruç' Argos tracking beacon. A search and rescue operation was almost begun. A call from Eruç' was received indicating all well aboard.

Eruç is maintaining a blog of his adventure, posting dispatches on his website every few days.



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