Eragon Languages

Eragon Languages

In the Inheritance Cycle there are two main languages besides the normal language: the Ancient Language and the Dwarf Language. The Dwarf Language is, of course, the Language that the dwarves use, and the Ancient Language is the language that controls magic and you can not lie in (most commonly used by the elves).

Ancient Language

A basic dictionary

Ancient Language word - Meaning
adurna - water
Agaeti - Blood-oath Celebration
Aiedail - The Morning Star
Argetlam - Silver Hand
Bjartskular - Brightscales
blothr - halt;stop
brisingr - fire
Dagshelgr - Hallowed Day
draumr kopa - dream stare
Du Fells Nangoroth - The Blasted Mountains
Du Fyrn Skulblaka - The Dragon War
Du Vollar Eldvarya - The Burning Plains
Du Vrangr Gata - The Wandering Path
Du Weldenvarden - The Guarding Forest
dvergar - dwarves
ebrithil - master
edur - a tor or prominence
elda - a gender-neutral honorific of great praise
fairth - a picture taken by magical means
finiarel - an honorifinc for a young man of great praise
Fricai Andlat - death friend (a poisonous mushroom)
ganga aptr - to go backward
ganga fram - to go forward
gedwey ignasia - shining palm
haldthin - thornapple
Helgrind - the Gates of Death
hlaupa - run
hljodhr - silent
jierda - break;hit
kodthr - catch
letta - stop
malthinea - to bind or hold in place;confine
nalgask - a mixture of beeswax and hazelnut oil used to moisten the skin
Osthato Chetowa - The Mourning Sage
raudhr - red
Shurt'ugal - Dragon Rider
risa - rise
skolir - shield
skoliro - shielded
skulblaka - dragon (literal meaning - scale-flapper)
svit-kona - a formal honorific for an elf woman of great wisdom
slytha - sleep
stenr - stone
stydja - rest
sverdar - sword
taka - take
tauthr - follow
theirra - their
thorna - arrows
thrysta - thrust; compress
thverr - traverse
tautha - tempering
un - and
unin - in
vanta - lacks
Vanyali - Magic
Varden - Warders
Vardo - Warded
Vindr - air
waise - be

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