Epiphone Coronet

Epiphone Coronet

The Epiphone Coronet is an entry level guitar previously manufactured by Epiphone. The guitar has been manufactured a number of times since its first production on the 1950s, guitar is not currently being manufactured.


The Coronet was first manufactured by Epiphone under the Gibson brand in 1959. It costed approximately $120, and was seen as a reliable entry level guitar.

Originally the Coronet came with a single Epiphone New York pickup in the treble position. In 1959 Epiphone began shipping new Coronets with a P-90 pickup and began offering the Coronet with it's signature cherry red finish.

In the 1970s, production of the Coronet came to a halt when Epiphone packed up and left it's facilities in Kalamazoo, Michigan to move overseas.

There was a short run of Coronets in the late 1990s, which were made in Korea. These featured OBL model pickups, a single coil in the neck position and a humbucker in the bridge position, with a pull-out tone knob to tap the humbucker. As was the case with the original Coronet, the hardware and style of the Coronet was varied through this short run. Some had six-on-a-side batwing-shaped headstocks, while others had more classic 3-on-a-side Gibson-style headstocks.

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