Endra class cruiser

Endra class cruiser

Endra class cruiser
Fast Facts
Ship TypeCruiser
Launched:Before Universal Century 0087
Class Fate:Unknown
General Characteristics
Armament:5 x Mega Particle cannons, 1 x Twin Mega Particle cannon, 2 x Hyper Mega Particle cannons
Mobile Suit Complement:Six
Ships of the LineEndra (Green), Mindra (Yellow), Sandra (Blue), etc.

In the fictional Gundam universe, the Endra class cruiser is the mainstay of the Axis, later Neo Zeon, fleet. In line with the Zeon tradition of capital vessels, the Endra class is designed to carry and field Mobile Suits. These ships routinely served as flagships for ranking members of the Axis/Neo Zeon military.

The Endra class takes influence from the Musai class in its compartmental design and the provision of a Komusai launch ship in the rear of the bridge. The Endra class sports two internal launch catapults in the fore for its Mobile Suit contingent, five single-barrel main gun turrets, one main two-barrel turret, and two hyper mega particle guns. Besides its noted efficiency in fielding Mobile Suits, the Endra class also features a hangar large enough to carry oversized units such as the MRX-010 Psyco Gundam Mk-II in the stern. This and the abundance of arsenal is a likely explanation for the ship's size, which is considered rather large for cruisers (it is even longer than the AEUG's largest battleship, the 380-meter Nahel Argama). Like the AEUG's Irish-class battleships, the Endra class does not appear to be equipped with significant anti-aircraft defenses, perhaps relying instead on its Mobile Suits for defense against enemy Mobile Suits.

The Endra class was utilized throughout the Gryps Conflict and the First Neo-Zeon War. The namesake ship, Endra, was lost in battle near the Moon Moon colony, while the exact fate of the rest of the class is unknown, although none were spotted during the Second Neo-Zeon Movement.

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