Encuesta, Inc

Encuesta, Inc.

Encuesta, Inc. is a U.S.-based market research company that specializes in customized quantitative studies focused on the U.S. Hispanic and Latino population. It is a privately-owned company based in Miami, Florida that was originally founded in 1989 by Martin G. Cerda. Specific areas of expertise include consumer habits and practices, brand awareness and usage, advertising tracking, brand equity and market segmentation, to name a few, all generally focused on U.S. Hispanics (with some comparisons with U.S. non-Hispanics).

Additionally, Encuesta, Inc. is responsible for the Americanos Poll®, an opinion poll created in 2005 to provide an accurate representation of U.S. Hispanic public opinion. Through the Americanos Poll (whose findings are released to the public free of charge), Encuesta, Inc. has demonstrated experience in studies related to public opinion and issue-oriented research, as well as political research.

Both Encuesta, Inc. and Americanos Poll studies are used as information sources for those looking for current findings on the Hispanic population in the U.S.

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