Em Magan is a 2006 released, Tamil film. Bharath, Gopika and Nassar play the lead roles with Vadivelu and Saranya with other roles. The film is directed by Thirumurugan. Bharath is acting in this movie. Upon release, the film met with strong critical reception and commercial success giving its competition Sillunu Oru Kadhal a run for its money. Debut film as Director for Thirimurugan (Metti oli fame).


Emtan (Nassar) runs a provision shop in a village. His son Krishna (Bharath), a student of poultry science, helps him in the shop. A strict father Emtan is always at his son's back. His strict ways of dealing his son leaves an uncomfortable scene in the house. Vadivelu (Krishna's uncle) is the only solace for him in the house.

Krishna meets his childhood crush Janani (Gopika), daughter of his uncle (Shanmugarajan). Both their families are at loggerheads. A death in their family brings them together. Unfortunately Krishna and Janani are caught kissing which again leaves a split in the family. While Emtan drives his son out, Janani also walks away with him. Finally Krishna succedds in making a wonderful career and reuniting his family. At the end all the family is reunited and the couple wait their first child.


Nazar and Saranya had won state awards for best supporting actor and actress. Director Thirumurugan won the best director state award.


Actor Role
Bharath Krishna
Gopika Janani
Nassar Emmtan
Vadivelu Karupatti
Saranya Krishna's Mother
Gajala Dhivya

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