Emma Vieceli

Emma Vieceli

Emma Vieceli (Born June 13, 1979, in Essex) is a professional UK manga illustrator of Italian-English heritage. She is currently a resident of a small village in Cambridgeshire, England & has often stated that she finds the word "Badgers" highly amusing.


Vieceli joined Sweatdrop Studios in 2002, and through the group released her own manga series, 'Dragon Heir'. She has also contributed to anthology titles including 'Boiled Spoons', 'Cold Sweat', 'Love, Sweat & Tears', 'Pink is for Girls' and 'Planet Manga (A&I Covermount)' and in 2005 she achieved a runner up position in the first Rising Stars of Manga United Kingdom & Ireland Competition, with her 15-page shōjo entry, 'Between the Lines'. She included cameo appearances of various titles being published under Sweatdrop Studios in her short story; 'Looking for the Sun', 'Once upon a Time', 'Fantastic Cat', as well as 'Dragon Heir'.

She has worked on a manga adaptation of William Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' for Self Made Hero. Amongst other projects, has worked on the art and design of the collectible card game 'Herocard Cyberspace' from Tablestar Games and was also of the head contributors to 'Draw Manga Sweatdrop Studios' from New Holland Publishers (UK) Ltd. Vieceli has worked with Spacedog Entertainment, illustrating the cover to 'eV', a short story in 'Princess Ai: Rumors From The Other Side', both published by Tokyopop, and a story in 'Tori Amos' Comic Book Tattoo' a 480 page anthology published by Image Comics on July 3, 2008. In addition, she created Violet for The DFC, which was previewed in The Guardian Comic on May 31, 2008. She is currently working on an adaptation of William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing for Self Made Hero.


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