Emil Gustav

Emil Gustav

Hirsch, Emil Gustav, 1851-1923, American rabbi, b. Luxembourg. He was rabbi in Baltimore, Md., and Louisville, Ky., but is best known for his work as rabbi of the Sinai congregation of Chicago. In 1892 he became professor of rabbinical literature and philosophy at the Univ. of Chicago, and he was president (1885-97) of the Chicago Public Library board. He was an influential exponent of advanced thought and Reform Judaism. He edited the Milwaukee Der Zeitgeist (1880-82) and the Reform Advocate (1891-1923).

See My Religion, a compilation of Hirsch's addresses and sermons, by G. B. Levi (1925); biography by D. C. Hirsch (1968).

Emil Gustav Lisco (January 13, 1819February 8, 1887) was a German Protestant Christian preacher.

Lisco was born in Berlin, the son of Friedrich Gustav Lisco, a preacher and theologian. From 1845 Emil became a preacher as well, also in Berlin. Among his more notable public positions was strident opposition to Copernican heliocentrism, against which he argued in an 1868 letter and in an 1872 lecture.


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