Emery Schaub

Emery Schaub

Emery Schaub is a fictional character of the Marvel Universe. His first appearance was in Avengers: The Initiative #13 (2008) and was created by Christos N. Gage and Steve Uy.

Publication history

Boulder has only appeared in one Marvel Comic issue so far, Avengers: The Initiative #13.

Fictional character biography

Emery Schaub was an overweight fry cook from Morganton, North Carolina. Schaub was recruited to the Initiative under the name Boulder, drill sergeant Taskmaster changed it to Butterball, but washed out due to general ineptitude. While his power of total invulnerability is impressive and he was an enthusiastic and dedicated trainee, his lack of physical strength, skill, and wits make him an inappropriate candidate for the superhero program. Much to the frustration of the Taskmaster, no amount of training improved his physical strength and no amount of discipline could whip him into shape. As a direct consequence of his powers punishment was completely ineffectual.

At one point fellow trainee Sunstreak showed a sexual interest in him. This was because Sunstreak's heat generating powers would cause severe harm to anyone she came in close contact with but Schaub's powers this meant he was completely unaffected by heat and therefore an intimate relationship was possible. Schaub became upset by Sunstreak's advances and fled.

Despite washing out of the program, the instructors Taskmaster and Constrictor gave Schaub a photo of himself standing triumphant over the "conquered and fallen" super-villains.

Powers and abilities

Schaub is resistant to all forms of harm. He can't be shot, stabbed, poisoned, drowned, suffocated, or harmed in any conventional way. He can't even be hurt by mental attacks although he could still be controlled telepathically. All manner of physical, energy, chemical, and psychic assault has negligible effect on him. As a result of this he has unlimited stamina, he can run forever without breaking a sweat. However, as a side-effect of this invulnerability, his sense of touch is impaired and he is also "frozen" at the physical state he was in when his powers were activated, making his body incapable of losing or gaining weight or muscle mass.


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