Emerson (Sierra Leonean musician)

Emerson (Sierra Leonean musician)

Emerson Amidu Bockarie (born on December 23, 1977 in Kenema, Sierra Leone) better known by his first name Emerson is an internationally recognised Sierra Leonean reggae, afropop musician and arguably the biggest and most famous musician from Sierra Leone at present. He uses his music against political corruption in Sierra Leone, while addressing the struggle of poor Sierra Leoneans.

Early life and career

Emerson Amidu Bockarie was born on December 23, 1977 in Sierra Leone's third largest city of Kenema to parents from the Mende ethnic group. In 2003, he recorded his first album titled Borbor Bele. his firs single ‘U Go See Am’ was an instant hit as he directly called out Sierra Leoneans to stand against currupt politicians who never live up to their promises. This song was nominated for best single at the Sierra Leonean Premier Music Awards in Freetown. Shortly after his first single, he released his second album single titled Borbor Bele , depicting corrupt governmental officials who steal public resources. Attempt was made to ban the ‘Borbor Bele’ title track in Sierra Leone, but was unsuccessful due to public support. The song received unprecedented airplay. His third song title Tutu party was his most commercially successful song to date. Emerson album overal was highly successful at home and internationally.

Emerson just recently released his debut music video reflecting most of the songs on the Borbor Bele album. The music videos themselves clearly depict vivid scenes of life in Sierra Leone.

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