Embodyment was a Christian metalcore band from Arlington, Texas which formed in 1993 and were first known by the name "Supplication". They commenced as a death metal band and released 3 demos under this style, which later appeared altogether on a full-length release entitled [1993-1996], distributed by Solid State Records.


Their debut album, Embrace the Eternal, showed a change in style as Embodyment moved away from death metal. Embrace the Eternal also featured re-makes of the songs "Golgotha" and "Religious Infamy," which were originally from their demos.

After the departure of Kris McCaddon on vocals, Embodyment welcomed Sean Corbray as permanent vocalist on the album The Narrow Scope of Things. This album was the band's first step away from any of the heavier metal subgenres. Instead, their sound on the album was adjusted to alternative metal with hard rock influences and was the first album to feature actual singing and some screamed vocal parts rather than any form of death vocals.

Embodyment's sound basically remained the same with the exception of a few minor tweaks and line-up changes until their last album, Songs for the Living, which was also the only album released under XS Records. It was on this album that Embodyment chose a different style of music altogether, as alternative/indie rock is definitely evident.

Embodyment later disbanded in early 2004 to the disappointment of loyal fans.

Andrew Godwin, Mark Garza and Kris McCaddon have since resurfaced with a new band, The Famine.

In 2007, it was discovered that Newgrounds member QuinnZX had submitted Embodyment songs to the popular Adobe Flash website, taking credit for the songs and submitting them to a top-50 ranking music game on the site, which held onto the tracks for some time before the theft was noticed. He was subsequently banned, and the songs removed. The game's programmer issued an apology for the confusion, viewable on its start screen.



  • Persistent Sin (tape under the band name "SUPPLICATION") - 1993
  • Corrosion Of The Flesh - 1994
  • Embodyment (3 song demo) - 1996
  • Industry Demo (an early version of Songs for the Living) - 2002

Non-Album Tracks

  • "Halo Of Winter" from This Is Solid State: Volume 1 (1998)

Former Members

  • Kris McCaddon
  • Sean Corbray
  • Andrew Godwin
  • Joshua Johnson
  • Mark Garza
  • Jason Lindquist
  • Derrick Wadsworth
  • Kevin Donnini
  • James Lanigan


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