Embarras Landing

Embarras River (Alberta)

The Embarras River is a short river in west-central Alberta, Canada. The river likely derived its name from the French word for obstruction, because it is often obstructed by driftwood.


It flows north-northeast through the Rocky Mountain foothils before being joined by the Erith river. It then flows ins into the McLeod River, which in turn flows into the Athabasca River.

The Embarras forms near Robb, Alberta at the junction of a few small creeks. Snaking northward, the Embarras parallels Alberta Highway 47 before its confluence with the McLeod.

Embarras Landing is a former coal town established at the confluence of the river with Prest Creek.


  • Dummy (Hay) Creek
  • Prest Creek
  • Neill Creek
  • Mitchell Creek
  • Baril Creek
    • Lambert Creek

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