The Elstergebirge is a small range of hills, in Saxony and the Czech Republic, on the west of the Erzgebirge. They lie in a region known as Vogtland, and take their name from the River Elster, or more precisely the Weißen Elster which has its source in these hills, near the Czech town of . The valley of the Zwota marks the north eastern border Erzgebirge while to the south west the valley of the Eger between Selb and Libá separates them from the Fichtelgebirge. The highest points Hoher Brand with a altitude of 805m, Vysoký kámen (Hoher Stein)at 773 m, Háj u Aše (Hainberg) at 758 m and the Kapellenberg at 757 m. The Elstergebirge have many mineral rich springs on which the spa towns of Bad Brambach and Bad Elster in Vogtlandkreis were founded; and the Czech spa of Františkovy Lázně(Franzenbad) was founded.


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