Elon (name)

Elon (name)

Elon (אֵילוֹן (Hebrew)), Alon (אַלוֹן (Hebrew)) or Ilan (אִילָן (Hebrew)) is a Jewish masculine name of Hebrew origin. The name means "tree" or "oak tree" in the Hebrew language. Elon is a rare male first name as it was not ranked for males of all ages in the United States Census, 1990. It is also used in many countries in a feminine sense, as the girl's name "Ilana". Moreover, the Jewish holiday of Tu B'Shvat, the "new year of the trees" is referred to in Hebrew as "Rosh HaShanah La'Ilanot", where "Ilanot" is the feminine plural Hebrew word for tree.

In the Bible, Elon was a Judge of Israel. He followed Ibzan and was succeeded by Abdon. It is said that he was from the Tribe of Zebulun, led Israel for ten years, and was buried in Ajalon in Zebulon. (Judges 12:11)

Elon has 5 variant forms (alphabetically): Eilan, Eilon, Elan, Ilan and Ilon.

Elon also has another meaning of African origin. It is a female name meaning, "God loves me." Elon: Elon may refer to a number of notable things:

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