Ellie Rebecca Brass

Ellie Rebecca Brass

Ellie Rebecca "Jersey" Brass is a fictional character who is a recurring guest star on CBS's show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. She is played by actress Nicki Lynn Aycox in the episode "Ellie" and is later played by Teal Redmann.

Character's background

Ellie Brass was born on September 24, 1982 in Essex County, New Jersey. She does not know that Jim Brass is not her biological father. Her father's partner, Sofia, doesn't like her much, considering Ellie's lack of interest to be with her father. She was about to get into a fight with Ellie when she asked about her father's pensions if he dies. Ellie used to be a local prostitute (known as Jersey) down in Los Angeles before she became an escort in Las Vegas. Although she rarely sees her father; she was encouraged by Grissom and Warrick to come see him in the hospital after he got shot, which she finally did.


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